A major issue for conservatives has been the perceived overreach by the executive branch using regulation by federal agencies to assume de facto legislative authority. This happened under George W. Bush as well and those on the right have been sounding the alarm about the increasing authority of the executive branch unchecked by Congress. And although one might have thought that in the election year of 2016 a lame duck president might have scaled back any actions that might be undone by his successor, this hasn’t been the case thus far. Politico’s Timothy Noah reports that President Obama has been

“shoveling out regulations nearly one-third faster in its final year than during the previous three — all to beat a May 23 deadline to prevent a President Donald Trump from overturning them. A total of 195 regulations have been pushed through since Jan. 1 at an estimated cost of $69.5 billion to the nation’s businesses.”

According to Noah, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush passed similar amounts of rules during their last years in office. The reason to rush through such executive actions according to Noah:

“Blame the Congressional Review Act. Enacted by a newly Republican Congress in 1996 as part of Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America, the CRA law gave Congress 60 legislative days after a regulation was issued to block it by using an expedited procedure.”

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Photo Credit: Marc Nozell | Flickr | CC BY 2.0