Tuesday’s election results in Kentucky and Oregon were a continuation of the grueling state-by-state campaign between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

According to the most recent results from Politico, Clinton won Kentucky over Sanders 46.8% to 46.3% by a margin of less than 2000 votes. In Oregon, Sanders won by a more convincing margin of almost 70,000 votes over Clinton, 56.0% to 44.0%.

As the race grinds to a close, Clinton’s failure to unite the Democrat party to win states by more convincing margins indicates that there remains strong dissatisfaction with her candidacy within the party. Although she maintains a prohibitive lead in superdelegates, Sanders continues to win states and maintain his insurgent appeal. If this continues through the convention, Clinton may not be able to focus on her general election opponent, hurting her chances. In contrast, due to his presumptive nomination, Donald Trump has already pivoted to the general election. Only time will tell what the effect of Sanders’ candidacy will be, but even if he does not secure the nomination, it is likely he will have significantly damaged the Clinton campaign.

Photo Credit: Phil Roeder | Flickr | CC By 2.0