‘Clinton Cash’ Documentary: Foreign Money Influence “Unprecendented”


A Daily Caller News Foundation interview with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer discusses the upcoming documentary which will be screened at the Cannes film festival. Schweizer emphasizes that he believes what is most troubling about the Clinton’s use of public elected office and influence for private gain (via donations to their foundation and lucrative speaking fees) is the influence of foreign entities on US political interests:

“What will shock people is the attempts to allow foreign money to influence our electoral process. The concern in my mind isn’t Wall Street but foreign entities and that’s unprecedented in American political history.The Clintons got money not just for Foundation, but in their pockets from foreign entities while she (Hillary Clinton) was America’s chief diplomat (Secretary of State). In the past with the Bushs or Saudis, there may be commercial relations that developed after or donations that were given after but not during office and not on a systematic basis while in office. Think about it, Clinton is chief diplomat from 2009 to 2013, she and her husband are getting millions of dollars from foreign governments and it’s legitimate but the scale and simultaneous nature are unprecedented.”

The reissue of the Clinton Cash allegations, many of which were corroborated by mainstream news outlets, in a digestible video format has to be worrying to the Clinton campaign. Although the Clintons have been fighting scandals throughout their decades-long political career, the reemergence of perhaps one of the largest and most troubling on the eve of what promises to be a drag-out, bare-knuckle brawl with Donal Trump can’t be something that the Clinton camp is happy about.

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