The recent directive by the Obama administration to the nation’s public schools regarding transgender bathroom usage highlights the growing role of the federal government in education.

As an alternative, Matthew Hennessey of the National Review Online proposes a more traditional solution: homeschooling:

“as furious as you should be that Obama in his waning days in office is behaving more and more like the emperor Diocletian, don’t lose sight of a simple, liberating fact: You do not need to send your kids to government schools. You can homeschool. Like us.”

Hennessey peppers in some memorable tongue-in-check rejoinders in his column including this one in reference to the ability of homeschooling families to take their children on a hike during school days:

“It’s genuinely shocking to the world at large to see a 12-year-old in the wild when they could be stuck inside a brutalist two-story building on the outskirts of town waiting to have their lunch money stolen or be lectured on all the low-down dirty things have been done by marauding capitalist Americans in the name of so-called democracy over the last 240 years.”

Hennessey also points out that with the advent of the Internet, the information needed for education can be found online:

“…the job of the homeschooling parent is to instill in the homeschooled child a love of learning… This is 2016. It’s the Internet age. You don’t need an education degree anymore to locate the resources to educate a child. …. Exercise your rights. Come on in, the freedom’s great.”

Read the whole column here.

Photo credit: Andrew E. Larsen | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0